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In the month of June, 2018, project team from HCMUSSH successfully organised 6 replication traings on the following topics:  

  • 1st June: “Service learning, work-based learning, and social innovation for higher education in Vietnam
  • 2nd June: “Innovation and research funding: Concepts, theories, and some good practices from European universities and HCMUSSH”
  • 13th June: “Strengthening research proposals through peer reviews”
  • 14th June: “Intellectual Property Management and Contractual Framework, Case study of USSH, VNU-HCM: Regulation on anti-plagiarism and Regulation on Intellectual Property Management”
  • 28th June: “Research management: Creating a research portfolio, structure of a knowledge transfer office, and strategies for business engagement”
  • 29th June: “Exploitation and commercialization: research evaluation and spin-off creation”

Links of the replication trainings hosted by CVSEAS - HCMUSSH