HUAF continues with Training replications

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Recently, HUAF held the 3rd Training Replication on Formalized procedures: Intellectual property; contractual framework; internal approval process (29/06/2018) and the 4th Training Replication on Exploitation and commercialisation; research evaluation and spin-off creation (30/06/2018) both in the framework of the ENHANCE project.
The main aim of the 3rd training was to understand the principles of intellectual property rights and copyright protection; to understand different types of Intellectual Property and to be able to prepare a patent registration in Vietnam and internationally; to understand the difference between contractual framework and a contract; to understand principles of internal approval of R&I institutions for research proposals and to create ideas for developing proposals. The training attracted about 50 participants from HUAF's researchers and staff and Representative of Intellectual Property Office in Da Nang City and Thua Thien Hue province Department of Sciences and Technology.
The main aim of the 4th training was to increase the knowledge of the attendees on key topics for a better R&I management and implementation; to understand advantages and disadvantages of creation of start-up and spin-off unities in academic and research sphere; to show some good cases of spin-off and business engagement of researchers at HUAF; to define the mission and services of start-up and spin-off bodies in R&I structure. The training attracted about 60 participants from HUAF's researchers and staff and external agencies.