ENHANCE Project Replication in the Lower Mekong Delta Regions, south of Vietnam

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First, for the 8 Modules, Module 1 (held on March 20, 2018, at Tay Do University -TDU, about 10 km from CTU) was the R&I introduction with the overall content of the project including Spin-off/Start-up, Commercialization, Technology Transfer, University-Industry Collaboration, IP, Funding Project Process, Work- based learning and others using the examples from European partners UA, GCU, STUBA. Module 2 (on March 29, 2018 at Tan Hiep District, Kien Giang Province, about 120 km from CTU) was focused on Commercialization, with the good practice of “integrated library management”. Module 3 (on April 6, 2018 at School of Social Sciences &Humanities, SSSH, CTU) aimed at spreading out the spirit of Technology Transfer (TT) with the good practice of the TT model at Can Tho City IT center. The first Extra Module called “ENHANCE contest” (on April 24 at Hoa An Campus, CTU Campus IV, Hau Giang Province, about 45 km from CTU) brought the participants, specially the seniors and young researchers, with the knowledge of the ENHANCE project through oral and written tests. Module 4 (on May 5, 2018 at SSSH, CTU) conveyed the idea of University-Industry Collaboration with the good practice of a successful tourism company- VIETSUN Co, in Can Tho City. Module 5 (on May 20, 2018 at Bac Lieu University –BLU, about 120 km from CTU) expressed the topic of IP, Funding project process with the idea of sharing about issues like fund-raising, project processing, new startups from the guest- student researchers, young and new and small businesses and working in the foreign languages centers in local areas. The second Extra Module (on May 29, 2018 at Soc Trang Community College, Soc Trang Province, about 60km from CTU and at SSSH, CTU) was a combination between teaching Intercultural Communication (ICC) course and English studies with the culture of doing research inserted through the borderless dissemination of the ENHANCE project in terms of cultural aspects on the way of joining an international project. And Module 6 (on June 3, 2018 at Kien Giang University-KGU, at about 130km from CTU), finalised the series with the title Work- based learning, Social innovation and Research Evaluation with the idea of sharing from the young guests about the new concepts of social innovation and how to evaluate a research, especially towards an international project and how to be accepted with an English research paper/study after a research.
Second, for the target audience, over 50 participants per workshop, namely R&I Units staff, HEIs academics/researchers, HE and R&I authorities, private sectors, CTU ENHANCE members all had an agreement which stated that we had to spread out the content and the spirit of ENHANCE project to all the stakeholders, especially to the young and new student researchers, lecturers, managers, private startups in the hope that they would have more time and that they would collect more experiences to replicate the project  for a larger audience in the Lower Mekong Delta Regions, where Can Tho University trains more than 1,000 graduates per year.

In short, with the eight training workshops conducted by CTU ENHANCE members, we strongly believe that each participant joined the module with the support of the team at R&I Unit at SSSH, CTU. Also, each participant will take his/her responsibility to learn more about the project and then help to replicate it  in every corner of the region with the aim of bringing the R&I issues to all the shareholders from the ENHANCE project and others in the long run.
(Reported by CTU ENHANCE members, June 2018)