1st National Workshop “ENHANCE Brokerage event”

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The 1st National Workshop "Brokerage Event" has been hosted by Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry (HUAF) in Hue City, Vietnam, last 22nd February 2017.

The main aim of the National Workshop was to strength the links between academia and industry fostering joint initiatives in the field of research and innovation. As a result of this brokerage event, R&I Units at VIET HEIs should be able to identify how to improve their support services to research groups and engage with industry. 

The objective of the 1st ENHANCE National Workshop was to foster a discussion on possible improvements of services provided to research groups and industry by Research and Innovation (R&I) Units at VIET HEIs. The specific objectives of the National Workshop were:

  • To increase dialogue among HE community and industry and exchange of ideas in the field of research and innovation.
  • To improve the services provided to research groups and industry by R&I Units at VIET HEIs. 

The National Workshop consisted of two parts. The first part was focused on the presentation of the ENHANCE project, a good practice on University-Industry collaboration at the University of Alicante and the findings of the in-depth needs analysis on R&I management and implementation conducted in Vietnam by the consortium. The second part was focused on sharing experiences on University-industry R&I collaboration and lessons learnt.  

The 1st ENHANCE National Workshop brought together several top managers, academics and researchers from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and relevant stakeholders in Vietnam.

Two more National Workshops will be organised in the framework of the ENHANCE project in order to involve relevant stakeholders and stimulate relevant discussions which may bring good ideas for projects, policies, other activities etc.